Battlefield 5 Leaked, Possibly Set in World War I, Multiplayer-Focussed

It appears that Battlefield 5 has been leaked. Swiss retailer World of Games has the game listed on its site. This was unearthed by Youtuber Liam Robertson on Twitter earlier today.
The listing for what seems to be the next instalment in the long-running Battlefield series indicates that it will be out on October 26 this year. Needless to say platforms would include the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
Additionally, users on gaming forum NeoGAF claim it might be multiplayer-focussed.
"Battlefield 5 for PS4/XB1/PC. Lists October 26 as a release date. It includes the description 'Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg' which translates to 'Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1'", reads a post by NeoGAF member Ondore.

However, a quick check of the description at the moment has any indication of it being a World War I shooter missing. This could possibly an error on the retailers side.
Battlefield publisher Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen said during the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference that he'd seen the next entry in the first-person shooter series in development and believed it will be a "fun, new Battlefield."
"That will be a return to a Battlefield military-style game; more to come on that," he said at the time.
Barring Battlefield: Hardline which took place in a civilian backdrop, every other game in the series focused on military settings. With the gaming community growing tired of futuristic first-person shooters, and EA covering their quota of such with Titanfall 2, a World War I setting for the next Battlefield might not be such a bad idea after all.
Though we do hope that despite it being multiplayer-focussed, developer Dice includes more single-player content than what we've seen with another EA shooter

Google Search App Gets New 'Now on Tap' Animations, Customisable Logo

Google is rolling out an update to its Search app on Android with new Now on Tap animations and custom coloured logo. The update bumps the app version from (on Android) to 5.10, and appears to be rolling out gradually across the world.
As spotted by 9to5Google, while the Google Now on Tap till date showed a blue circle as a progress indicator, it now will start showing search related icons like a magnifying glass, eating utensils, and more.
The Google app update also brings a customisable Google logo on top of the Now cards stream. The feature will be seen in all the devices updated to v5.10, however, it is said to take a few more seconds to load. The large Google logo makes full use of the width of the device. At first, the logo will be shown in its flagship Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green colours, which will slowly fade in to White. When a part of the logo is tapped, it will be filled with a splotch of colour. Every touch is said to change the colour. The new-coloured logo made by user resets after a device reboot.
While Google has not listed it as such, it may be part of the company's doodle initiative, which have featured interactive designs in the past. Since the rollout appears to be occurring in phases, it might take a while to reach other regions.
Google earlier this month announced that it will offer flood alerts in India through Google Public Alerts. The company said that users will be able to find flood alerts with river level information for over 170 areas in which Central Water Commission (CWC) has active observation stations.